Co-Authored Book Program

Co-Authored Book Program

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Hey love,

Welcome to the And So She Rises Co-Author Book Program, specifically designed for new and seasoned authors in mind.

Whether you are a new author or already have books published, this book program is unique in its offering.

We have carefully catered this hybrid program while taking into account the current gaps and needs of the authors.


Hi, I am Saira Amjad, a 2x best-selling author, certified coach, spiritual mentor, poet, speaker, and a businesswoman, above all of this, I am a single mom and the founder of the 'And So She Rises' Book Series and Publication Program.

I know what it’s like to try and get published, build credibility, gain visibility, position yourself as an authority in your industry, and reach a broader audience.

I used to idolize women all the time but instead, I became that woman.

I used to chase healers and influencers because I thought I didn’t have it within me and placed people on the pedestal because I felt they were above me.

I went into the vicious cycle of healing because I thought that there was something wrong with me.

SO how did I get here:

I stopped chasing women and put myself on the pedestal.

I stopped looking for role models and became my own role model.

I stopped chasing healers and became my own healer.

And then I went from being a nobody to the best selling author in a week.

I increased my Instagram following from 0 to over 30K+ over various accounts collectively in less than a year.

I healed three decades of trauma within two weeks on my own.

I personally had dinner with Najwa Zebian and was featured on her Stories of the Soul Podcast.

I've been featured on various publications, podcasts, and have spoken on various platforms.

And you know what if I can do it, so can you.

If I can rise above from rock bottom, and conquer my life and business, so can you.

If I can become a role-model and an influencer, so can you.

It is your turn to be in the spotlight.

It is your turn to be the best selling author.

It is your turn to walk side by side with your favourite influencer and become one.


How am I making this Co-author Book Program even better than the ones you may have explored or joined in the past? 

There will be writing support for the group of authors, through masterclasses that will be hosted by a writing coach.

The education of PR, Marketing, Branding and Social Media is invaluable since you can apply it on any other future projects, and for self-promotion.

This program enables you to have a hands-on approach with many 'done for you' aspects, where you can focus on creating your heart-felt writing pieces.

The empowerment and promotional aspects that we have created to bring more visibility to each author are incredibly valuable. Along with focusing on book promotions, promoting the authors will also be a priority.

This program will allow you to up-level into new and different energy, as we collectively come together in sisterhood to share stories of the mountains we have risen above and conquered.

It is not only about sharing your story but showing the world how you overcame and stepped into your next-level bad-ass self.

This program gives you the safe space of sharing your story unfiltered and authentically so that you can give yourself the liberation versus oppression or suppression.

We come from a place of already thriving in life and we reveal a piece of our heart with the world to share the darkness that we conquered in order to get to where we are today. 

And that is quite powerful, wouldn't you agree?


Who is this PROGRAM for?

This co-author program is for the woman who has risen above and conquered mountains and darknesses of life.

She is not only surviving but thriving in life.

She is no longer hiding

She is no longer silent and

She is no longer terrified of speaking and sharing her truth.

She is emerging and stepping into her glory.

She knows that her past does not define her.

She is living her life authentically and in ways that align with what she values most - herself.

She has not only gone through a personal transformation but is helping other people personally transform in some way, shape or form.

She is a conqueror.

She is a leader.

Most importantly, she is her true authentic self. 

Here is what you can expect from this Co-Author Book Program:

There are currently two books that we have launched under this Co-Author program.

1. And So She Rises II:

This is the second book in the 'And So She Rises' Book Series and a sequel to the 'And So She Rises' book. The first book reached best-seller status and #1 New Release status on Amazon within the first 24 hrs of being released. This sequel will also a collection of poetry featuring poets and writers from across the globe who have risen above life's adversities. Through poetry, their stories represent who they chose to become in the process of rising and the fact that the darkness no longer defines them.

2. And So She Conquers II:

This book is a sequel to 'And So She Conquers', a solo book that is set to release this Spring. In this book, we will be sharing a collection of stories of women from across the globe who have conquered mountains. They stand strong with the courage and knowing that the best is yet to come. Through their stories, they will show the world how they overcame and stepped into their next-level bad-ass self.



Duration of the Program:

  • Total: 8-11 months 
  • Writing Phase 3-4 months
  • Book Creation: 3-4 months
  • Pre-Launch and Launch: 2-3 months

Program Includes:

  • 15 - 20 pages of poetry for 'And So She Rises II'
  • 2500 - 4500 words for 'And So She Conquers II'
  • Pre-Work and Writing Kit
  • Book cover design
  • Technical and interior design
  • Book Editing
  • E-book preparation and file creation
  • Soft Cover Book Preparation and file creating
  • The unique ISBN number for all formats of both books
  • Press Release for the books
  • Customized Media/Press Kits for each author
  • Customized Social Media Graphic for Pre-sale announcement
  • Customized Social Media Graphic for Live sale announcement
  • Customized Social Media Graphic for Best Seller Status 
  • Master class on Writing your Chapter
  • Master class on Social Media and Branding
  • Master class on PR and Marketing 
  • Online Community and sister-hood of authors
  • Mini Online Summit for authors to share their story and gain visibility
  • Marketing strategies and PR to promote the books and authors throughout the duration of the program

Program Does Not Include:

  • Physical copies of the book.

They can be purchased at cost price to sell privately at events, social media, and personal websites.

Earning Potential:

  • Each author receives 4-5% in Royalty income.
  • Earn full profit on private book sales


Buy 250 books at approx $8-10 each (final cost price is TBD)

And Sell for $2500 - $3750 approx



Increased credibility, visibility, and positioning of self as an authority in your industry.

Bestseller status = speaking opportunities and podcast interviews

The attraction of raving fans who like, know and trust you.

More confidence in building a client base with increased raving fans, who develop an emotional connection with you through your story and convert into potential clients.




  1. Include a questionnaire to define and gain clarity on your intentions, goals, big vision, expansion, client attraction, and income generation.


  1. Message Creation: The authors will define their big WHY, develop the core and structure for their chapter.
  2. Craft Chapter: creative writing for each author's selected topic.
  3. Review: Each author will review their chapter from the third-person point of view before it's submitted for editing.


  1. Book compilation and 1st review by Program Lead
  2. 2nd Review and editing by Program Editor
  3. Review and approval by authors
  4. Finalization of the editing and flow of the book by Program Editor 

Book Design:

  1. Book Cover Design
  2. Interior Design
  3. E-Book Technical Design
  4. Soft Cover Book Technical Design

 PR Plan and Marketing:

  1. Program Lead will develop a PR plan with the PR Agency
  2. PR Agency will create the final PR and Outreach Program for the book launch.

Book Launch Prep: 

  1. Book will be published on Amazon and various major online retailers with the finalized launch dates.
  2. The authors will be coached on how to conduct PR and influencer outreach in addition to the PR agency's plan.
  3. The pre-launch announcement will be conducted by program lead, authors and the PR agency. 
  4. Planning of the online book launch event and in-person events will be conducted by the authors and the Program Lead.

 Book Launch: 

  1. Announcement of official book launch will be done by authors, program lead and PR agency.
  2. Best Seller Status announcement will be done by authors and program lead.
  3. Podcast interviews and any speaking arrangements that are booked will be conducted at this phase.


So What will it be for you? 

If your soul has been aching for more and you were called to this page, then I want you to give yourself permission to trust that.

The most important step that you need to take to make quantum leaps and quick shifts in your life and business - is to make quick decisions and take quick action before your mind has the opportunity to talk you out of it, because of fear.

I would not be where I am today had it not been for quick and scary decisions that I made time and time again. 

Everything that you desire to accomplish is totally possible.


Spots are filling up fast for 'And So She Rises II' and 'And So She Conquers II' Co-author Book Projects.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please email and click the link below to book your discovery call.

Make yourself the biggest investment of your life and I cannot wait to officially welcome you into these Co-author book programs.