Solo-Authored Book Program

Solo-Authored Book Program

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This is a done for your Solo-Authored program in which we will design, create, publish and launch your solo book, and acquire an initial best-seller status within the first week of the book launch. We will also develop a solid Public Relations and Marketing Plan in order to create a strong personal brand profile, grow your Instagram community of raving fans, and conduct various media and press outreach, depending on which program tier you choose to move forward with.

This program is offered at three different levels. See the Program Tiers below for details on what is included in each option. 

Duration of the Program:

  • Total: 6 months 
  • Writing Phase 1-2 months
  • Book Creation: 2-3 months
  • Pre-Launch and Launch: 2-3 months
  • Public Relations and Marketing: 3 – 4 months (this will start simultaneously with the writing phase and end with the Pre-Launch phase.
Program Deliverables: Program Tiers
The Rising Star The Shining Star The VIP Star
Pre-Work and Writing Kit
Book cover design
Technical and interior design
Book Illustrations
Book Editing
E-book preparation and file creation
Soft Cover Book Preparation and file creation
Unique ISBN number for all book formats
Press Release for the book
Customized Social Media Graphic for Pre-sale announcement
Customized Social Media Graphic for Live sale announcement
Customized Social Media Graphic for Best Seller Status 
Monthly calls and online support
Online Summit for authors to share their story and gain visibility         
Customized Media/Press Kit         
Marketing strategies for book promotion
Social Media Branding and Profile building
Social Media imaging and brand messaging
Social Media (Instagram) community growth
Marketing strategies, Media Outreach and Press for author and book promotion

    Programs Do Not Include:

    • Physical copies of the book.

    They can be purchased at cost price to sell privately at events, social media, and personal websites.

    Earning Potential:

    • Author earns 50% in Royalty income, of all profits
    • Earn full profit on private book sales


    Buy 250 books at approx $8-10 each (final cost price is TBD)

    And Sell for $2500 - $3750 approx


    Increased credibility, visibility, and positioning of self as an authority in your industry.

    Bestseller status = speaking opportunities and podcast interviews

    The attraction of raving fans who like, know and trust you.

    More confidence in building a client base with increased raving fans, who develop an emotional connection with you through your story and convert into potential clients. 



    THE PROGRAM PROCESSES INCLUDE (but DO NOT apply to all Program Tiers):


    1. Questionnaire to define and gain clarity on your intentions, goals, big vision, expansion, client attraction, and income generation ideas.


    1. Message Creation: The author will define their big WHY, develop the core and structure of the book.
    2. Craft the book: creative writing for the author’s book.
    3. Review: The author will review their book from the third-person point of view before it's submitted for editing.


    1. Book compilation and 1st review by Program Manager
    2. 2nd Review and editing by Program Editor
    3. Review and approval by the author
    4. Finalization of the editing and flow of the book by Program Editor 

    Book Design:

    1. Book Illustrations
    2. Book Cover Design
    3. Interior Design
    4. E-Book Technical Design
    5. Soft Cover Book Technical Design

     Book Launch Prep: 

    1. Book will be published on Amazon and various major online retailers with the finalized launch dates.
    2. The author will be coached on how to conduct PR and influencer outreach in addition to the PR agency's plan.
    3. The pre-launch announcement will be conducted by the program manager, author, and PR agency. 
    4. Planning of the online book launch will be conducted by the author and the Program Manager.
    5. Media and press outreach will begin by the PR agency in this phase.

     Book Launch: 

    1. The official book launch announcement will be done by the author, Program Manager and PR agency.
    2. The best Seller Status announcement will be done by the author and program Manager.
    3. Podcast interviews and any speaking arrangements that are booked will be conducted at this phase.

    Public Relations and Marketing:

    1. Program Manager will develop a PR plan with the PR Agencies
    2. PR Agencies will create the final PR and Outreach Program for the author and book launch.
    3. Social Media Branding, Profile, Imaging, Messaging will be recreated in order to elevate the author’s online presence and profile.
    4. Social Media Community growth, mainly Instagram will be grown and increased.


    So What will it be for you? 

    If your soul has been aching for more and you were called to this page, then I want you to give yourself permission to trust that.

    The most important step that you need to take to make quantum leaps and quick shifts in your life and business - is to make quick decisions and take quick action before your mind has the opportunity to talk you out of it, because of fear.

    I would not be where I am today had it not been for quick and scary decisions that I made time and time again. 

    Everything that you desire to accomplish is totally possible.

    If you have any questions regarding this program, please email and click the link below to book your discovery call.

    Make yourself the biggest investment of your life and I cannot wait to officially welcome you into the Solo-Authored Program.